Sunday, 22 May 2016


This week started with Constable Debbie visiting the Juniors.
The children listened and walked across the crossing and along the pathway.
Constable Debbie talked about:
  • crossing the road correctly
  • how to use the Belfast School crossing correctly
  • walking close to the house side of the pathway
  • road signs 
  • sneaky driveways
WOW look at those fabulous listeners in Room 6!

Here is Room 6 listening to Constable Debbie giving instructions about crossing the road.

Walking beside the house side of the pathway away from the kerb.

A sign in the distance

This is an international give-way road sign

We walked past No 6 Lagan Street

A sneaky driveway

 A sneaky drive - check the car.
Can you hear an engine, can you see a person in the car, can you the backing lights working?
 Have your listening ears ready at all times
A very sneaky driveway

 The kerb - stay away from the kerb
School Zone - 40km

Road signs

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